I am…

Approaching 30 and seeking one hell of a great guy
New to the online dating scene and trying something new after several failed attempts at meeting men in bars, grocery stores or the ever so romantic laundry mat
Realizing that the whole “unobtainable guy falls for awkward gal” story only exists in movies…ef you Hollywood
Attempting to reinvent my fabulous inner (and outer) self with a quest for new fashion, health, fitness, art, music, etc.
A once sarong wearing, poetry writing, canvas painting artsy chic who grew up in a small town and has quickly adapted to the big city scene. Don’t worry, the artsy gal is still in there. She just wears better labels now.
I am blessed with height, but cursed with the surrounding of various shorties
I am a red wine drinking, science and astronomy loving, music obsessed Yankee fan who so badly wishes super heroes were real and marijuana was legal
I am ready to meet my match…or possibly just a bunch of crazy nutbags that make for a really good story
I am…Miss Match


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